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Dwayne Johnson Says Quarantine Puts Pressure on Marriage: ‘We’re Going Through the Dumb S– Too’

”I’ve found myself consistently apologizing to Lauren, about every other day,“ the ”Fast and Furious“ star says

All jokes about how many couples will come out of quarantine breaking up aside, being cooped up with significant other is putting a ton of pressure on people — celebrities and us plebeians alike. And that would include The Rock himself, Dwayne Johnson.

Johnson, arguably one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, posted a video to his Instagram Saturday morning in which he answered questions about how the quarantine has impacted his relationship with his wife, Lauren Hashian.

“I have found that the quarantine has had a very positive effect on my relationship and my marriage,” Johnson said. “We get snippy with each other; we argue. I gotta be honest, when this thing first started, the first few weeks of quarantine for me, I was really wobbly at times and I was trying to get my s— together.”

Johnson said he was caught up in what the future would look like and what would be the new normal, allowing himself to get caught up in the pressures that have come along with stressing about the novel coronavirus, the state of the world in whole and being on lockdown.

“I’ve found myself consistently apologizing to Lauren, about every other day ‘Hey I’m sorry, this is not my best week, this is not my best day. Thank you for being patient with me,'” Johnson said. “Through our snippiness and through our arguments, we also really make sure that we still try to stay aware as a husband and wife that even though things are quiet and the pace has slowed down around the world, it’s still an incredible amount of pressure because we just don’t know and how that can impact a relationship and how that can impact mental wellness. So we try to go easy on each other, we try to make things light, not too judgy, and she’s the best.”

Johnson and Hashian married in September last year in a secret ceremony in Kauai, Hawaii, devoid of press and paparazzi.

He continued in the Instagram video with an example of how the two have been dealing with things. He told a story of a small tiff they had one morning, which brought out the scamp in each of them.

“About 15 minutes later I go into the bathroom… I grab my shaver and I’m getting ready to shave my face and I can see her in the mirror. The moment I start shaving my face she goes, ‘Oh, by the way, I used that to shave the dog’s balls last night,'” Johnson said. “I didn’t crack. I said, ‘Is that right?’ She takes another bite of her breakfast and I said, ‘Well that’s funny because I had the dog s— in your breakfast this morning.’

“We laughed so f—ing hard and immediately it just broke that tension, that silly tension,” Johnson continued. “The point of this is to let you guys know that we’re going through the dump s— too and we try to make sure that it doesn’t get too heavy”

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@laurenhashianofficial and I are doing our best during these stressful times. We realized kinda quickly how critical it was for us to be ultra considerate, caring and empathetic of one another. Be even better listeners. Even better communicators. Recognize that during these times, we’re not operating at full brain & emotional EQ capacity as we usually are. You’re gonna get snippy, short tempered and you guys may erupt at each other over some silly shit like we did. When that happens, grab your partner by the shoulders, like I grabbed Lauren. Look them directly in the eyes and say with full ???? conviction, “baby, you’re not wrong…. you’re just not used to being right” and then count the seconds it takes for you both to belly laugh your assess off. Then sip some @teremana later that night and make some more babies. You’re welcome ???????? Stay healthy, my friends. Dr. Rock

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