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‘DWTS’ Alum Sean Spicer Roasted Over Biden Joke: ‘Dude, We Saw You Dance’

”Aren’t you the guy who made an ass of himself on Dancing With the Stars?“ writes one Twitter user

“Dancing With the Stars” alum Sean Spicer got absolutely roasted Thursday on Twitter after making a joke about Joe Biden — and his dance moves were the first target in the line of fire.

Trump’s former White House Press Secretary took a cheap shot at Biden ahead of Thursday night’s final presidential debate, writing: “Breaking: Debate Commission grants Biden campaign two nap breaks and allows Harris to sub in.”

Unfortunately for Spicer, the Twitterverse was much more amused by resurfaced photos of the infamous neon green ruffle shirt he wore on “DWTS” than it was with his anti-Biden joke.

“Dude, we saw you dance,” wrote “24” actor James P. Morrison. “You have no legs to stand on here.”

“Scrubs” actor Bob Clendenin contributed this zinger: “You’re one step away from doing ‘Couples Therapy’ on Bravo.”

Another user posted a gif of Spicer playing the bongos in his neon-green outfit, writing: “And to think, this was not your most embarrassing gig.”

“Aren’t you the guy who made an ass of himself on dancing with the stars?” wrote another.

All of these examples are just scratching the service of the sick burns hurled at Spicer, but here’s one more: “Will there be a musical halftime where you can show off you [sic] smooth dance moves?”

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