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Dylan Has 16 New Tracks on Zellweger Soundtrack

”My Own Love Song“ stars the Oscar winner as a washed-up singer seeking redemption

Bob Dylan will contribute as many as 16 new songs to the soundtrack of "My Own Love Song," "La Vie en Rose" director Olivier Dahan’s English-language feature debut starring Oscar winners Renee Zellweger and Forest Whitaker.

Dylan started work on the soundtrack a while ago, recording so much material for the film that he wound up releasing some of the songs on his 2009 Grammy Award-winning album "Together Through Life."

The songs that appeared on "Life," as well as 16 previously unreleased tracks (all of which were recorded during the same studio sessions), will be featured in "My Own Love Song."

Consequence of Sound has details of the complete soundtrack, which will surely cause Dylan fans to rejoice. The film’s official soundtrack may look a little different, but the new Dylan songs and the cast’s covers of his past work are expected to make the cut.

"My Own Love Song" stars Zellweger as a washed-up singer who finds her path to redemption, which sounds an awful lot like "Crazy Heart." The film makes its U.S. debut at the Tribeca Film Festival at the end of the month, and opens in France on April 7th. There is currently no release date set for the soundtrack.



"My Own Love Song" Soundtrack Tracklisting (* indicates new song)

Bob Dylan – Forgetful Heart (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Life Is Hard (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Sweeping The Floor (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Bumble Bee (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Jane’s Lament (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Joey’s Theme (Dylan) *
Ron Eaton – Preludes, Opus 28 #6 in b Minor (Chopin)
Bob Dylan – I Feel A Change Coming On (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – Driving South (Dylan) *
Georges Drakoulias – What Good Am I (Dylan cover)
Forest Whitaker – What Good Am I (Dylan cover)
Bob Dylan – Back Alley (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Snow Falling (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Billie #30 (Dylan) *
Chopin Nocturne 7
Renee Zellweger – Precious Angel (Dylan cover)
Bob Dylan – Road Weary (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Click Clack (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Life Is Hard (Dylan) (instrumental)
Bob Dylan – Robbie Robert’s Lament (Dylan) *
Robert Johnson – Me And The Devil Blues
Bob Dylan – New Orleans Drums (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Janet’s Step (Dylan) *
Source Music – Late Night Blues For Leroy Carr
Ron Eaton – Preludes, Opus 28 #4 in e Minor (Chopin)
Don Sparks – I Believe In You (Dylan cover)
Bob Dylan – Swingin’ (Dylan) *
Bob Dylan – Blues Club (Playback) (Dylan) *
Renee Zellweger – This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie cover)
Bob Dylan – It’s All Good (Dylan)
Bob Dylan – East Texas (Dylan) *
The Bourbon Street Stompers – Down By The Riverside
Georges Darkoulias – What Good Am I (Dylan)
Ron Eaton – Preludes, Opus 28 #15 in Db Major (Chopin)
Renee Zellweger – Life Is Hard (Dylan cover)
Bob Dylan – Beyond Here Lies Nothing (Dylan)