First Look: Dylan McDermott as Modern-Day Bloody Face in ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’

The "American Horror Story: Murder House" star confirms on Twitter that he is playing the modern-day Bloody Face, tweets photo

Dylan McDermott is returning to "American Horror Story: Asylum" in the best way possible too.


"I AM THE MODERN DAY BLOODY FACE," the actor exclaimed on Twitter yesterday.

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Confirming what most fans already suspected after hearing his voice taunt detectives at the end of the "The Origins of Monstrosity" episode, the star of "American Horror Story: Murder House" shared the first image of himself as the modern-day incarnation of the serial killer.

With Zachary Quinto's character, Dr. Oliver Thredson, responsible for the grizzly murders in the 1964 storyline, it's still unclear how McDermott fits in. But seeing how Thredson has abducted and raped Lana Winters (Sara Paulson), could McDermott be their evil offspring continuing his father's work?

It's hard to tell where Ryan Murphy's twists and turns will lead us by the second season's end. Give us your theories below.