E! Orders ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ Reality Series

The show follows five wealthy young adults living life in the 90210 and on social media


E! is bringing “Gossip Girl” to the Left Coast with its newly announced reality series, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” It has ordered eight episodes of the series, which which will premiere in January 2014.

The show follows five friends belonging to very wealthy families as they spend their (or their parents’) money, date, paint the town red and live it in public via social media like Twitter and Instagram.

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“These kids are larger than life personalities who are charismatic, shockingly wealthy and born into lifestyles that are outrageously spectacular,” said E!’s programming and development executive vice president, Jeff Olde, in a statement.

“They live a fantasy life on a scale that you just can’t turn away from and then they document it all via social media,” he continued. “But at the core, I think viewers will be drawn into the fact that they are genuinely good friends who still have to navigate friendships, relationships and life — but they get to do it all in luxury cars, yachts and private jets, which is really fun to watch.”

David Leepson, Gennifer Gardiner and Doron Ofir serve as executive producers on the ITV Studios America/Leepson Bounds Entertainment production.

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Read E!’s bios for the cast members below:

Dorothy Wang
Age: 25
Family Net Worth: Billions
Occupation: “Funemployed!” for now…
Relationship Status: Perpetually single.
About: Opinionated perfectionist, Dorothy is the daughter of a billionaire business mogul who earned her rightful place in social media royalty by showcasing her luxurious life on Instagram. While her parents are traveling around the world running their empire, Dorothy is living large in Beverly Hills and looking into pursuing a career in real estate.
Follow Dorothy on Instagram: dwanngg
Follow Dorothy on Twitter: dorothywang

Morgan Stewart
Age: 25
Family Net Worth: Millions
Occupation: Blogger of BoobsAndLoubs.com where she documents her plush lifestyle and offers up her personal do’s and don’ts of life to her peers.
Relationship Status: In a relationship… with Brendan Fitzpatrick.
About: The “Dionne” to Dorothy’s “Cher,” Morgan is the sexy wild child of Beverly Hills infamous for her flirty ways, unfiltered humor and unpredictable nights out with her friends. Luckily BFFs Dorothy and Roxy are always there to be a shoulder to cry on, and on occasion, help reapply mascara after a crazy night. The blonde beauty is trying to find what drives her and what she wants to do with her life, but shiny things – like diamonds, cars and a her boy’s smile – can be very distracting.
Follow Morgan on Instagram/Twitter: boobsandloubs_

Brendan Fitzpatrick
Age: 25
Family Net Worth: Millions
Occupation: Holds a lucrative position at a top real estate firm.
Relationship Status: In a relationship… with Morgan Stewart.
About: Born into wealth and facing great opposition, Brendan is looking to make his own money and justify why he skipped college and went straight into real estate. Brendan also has his hands full with girlfriend Morgan and their colorful relationship filled with high highs and low lows. Will it take a ring to finally calm down his sassy sweetheart?
Follow Brendan on Instagram/Twitter: brendanfitzp

Roxy Sowlaty
Age: 25
Family Net Worth: Rich… but on the verge of getting cut off from her parents.
Occupation: Freelance interior designer.
Relationship Status: Single
About: Persian beauty, Roxy is the mother figure of the group. She was best friends with Morgan, way before Dorothy came along as she is quick to remind her girlfriend, and never leaves home without her dog Lychee. Roxy is currently working hard to get her interior design business off the ground before her parents cut off their funding.
Follow Roxy on Instagram/Twitter: roxysowlaty

Jonny Drubel
Age: 25
Family Net Worth: “I’m too classy to say.”
Occupation: Singer / Songwriter
Relationship Status: Boy Crazy
About: Dorothy’s original BFF who got a little jealous when she started spending more time with other people in their crew. Jonny is nothing short of dramatic and is an emotional rollercoaster, but always a good time (if he likes you). Jonny is a few Tweets short of realizing that cash isn’t going to keep him warm at night and even a table at the newest “it” restaurant is lonely when the reservation is for 1.
Follow Jonny on Instagram/Twitter: jonnydrubel