‘Earth to Echo’ Trailer Teases a Live-Action Family Film to Rival ‘E.T.’ (Video)

Whether or not it actually does, however, is still up in the air

Miss the good ol’ days when Hollywood regularly sunk money into beloved family-friendly classics such as “E.T.,” “Flight of the Navigator,”  or “The Goonies”? Relativity Media has released the first teaser trailer for “Earth to Echo,” and it appears to be a strong effort to produce another adventure film for all ages to enjoy.

The PG-rated science fiction film looks comparable to “Chronicle” and “Super 8,” in the sense that it follows three young boys discovering something alien, and capturing their investigation on camera.

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According to the film’s synopsis, the plot kicks off when the three friends begin receiving encoded messages on their cell phones when a construction project begins digging up their neighborhood. Naturally, responsible adults don’t take the kids’ concerns seriously, so they begin uncovering the truth on their own.

The trailer (above) hints that the messages lead to the boys discovering a tiny alien that needs their help for something that will most likely be better explained when a full trailer lands.

Relativity is releasing “Earth to Echo,” the feature-length directorial debut from Dave Green, on April 25.