‘Eastbound and Down’ Season 4 Trailer: Watch Out, Kenny Powers’ Phoenix Has Risen (Video)

Prepare yourself, world: Kenny Powers is sick of you holding him back

Kenny Powers is a new man. Same old man-child, but a new man nonetheless.

The first trailer for the final season of HBO’s “Eastbound and Down” has emerged, and the disgraced ball player (Danny McBride) is feeling his oats in the advance look.

“I’m feeling something big inside. On fire,” Powers announces. “The phoenix has risen up.”

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To hear Powers tell it in the trailer, he’s tired of the world standing in his way and preventing him from taking what’s rightfully his.

“I should be way more famous than I am,” Powers opines at one point in the trailer. “From this moment forward, Kenny Powers only works for Kenny Powers.”

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What could go wrong?

“Eastbound and Down” returns for its fourth season on Sept. 29. Untill then, watch Powers’ phoenix rise in the video.