British Golfer Slices ‘Putrid’ Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson Match

Eddie Pepperell says the $9 million winner-takes-all matchup is “pathetic”

Don’t expect Eddie Pepperell to drop $20 watching Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson’s mega-matchup on pay-per-view Friday.

The British golfer ripped into his two peers on Wednesday, after pictures of Woods and Mickelson — smiling like two triumphant bank robbers with a massive pile of cash surrounding them — made the rounds on Twitter. Pepperell retweeted the pictures, posted by British sports host Georgie Bingham, and let his followers know the $9 million winner-takes-all matchup isn’t his cup of tea.

“Coming away from my Twitter ban just to take Georgie’s point further and conclude that this is indeed everything golf shouldn’t be doing right now,” Pepperell tweeted. “One man earning $9 Million isn’t attractive. This putrid attempt at attention will turn out to be futile for everyone. Pathetic.”

Pepperell didn’t stop there. He later quipped that whoever won the match “should put the $9 million towards America’s National Debt so it comes down to $21,777,841,457,810. (at the time of writing).” Some of Pepperell’s followers said the big payday would be given to charity — something Pepperell contested, saying he believed the matchup’s side bets would be donated instead.

Pepperell then compared it to the Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor boxing matchup from last year, where both fighters made hundreds of millions of dollars. The difference for Woods-Mickelson, however, is there are “100 golfers who *could* beat Tiger/Phil. Not true of Boxing,” Pepperell tweeted on Thursday.