Tribeca Hitches Its Wagon to Edward Burns’ ‘Newlyweds’

His ultra-low budget film will be released by Tribeca Film

Edward Burns' ultra-low budget — make that super ultra-low budget — film "Newlyweds" will be released by Tribeca Film this year.

Burns made the comedic relationship drama for $9,000. The movie, shot over 12 days in New York City, premiered at this year's Tribeca Film Festival.

The actor-writer-director kept expenses minimal: $5,000 for actors, $2,000 for insurance and $2,000 for food and drink. There were no fancy lights and no boom mics, and the actors wore their own clothes and did their own hair and makeup.

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"Newlyweds," as the name implies, is about a newlywed couple whose honeymoon period "is upended by the arrival of the husband's wild-child baby sister and the crumbling marriage of the wife's meddlesome sister."

Burns cut his teeth on low-budget films. His 1995 "TheBrothers McMullen" had a budget estimated at $238,000 and grossed $10.4 million domestically. His 1998 "No Looking Back," however, was made for an estimated $5 million and grossed only $222,000 domestically.

"Newlyweds" is the 10th movie that Burns wwrote and directed.

In addition to Burns, the cast includes Caitlin FitzGerald ("It's Complicated"), Max Baker, Marsha Dietlein Bennett and Kerry Bishe ("Nice Guy Johnny," "Scrubs"). Burns produced with Aaron Lubin and William Rexer.

Tribeca plans a release late this year across multiple platforms.