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‘El Camino': Now You Can Bet on if Jesse Pinkman Will Die in the ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie – and How

BetOnline is daring you to wager Walter White won’t appear in Netflix follow-up film

Have you been saying to your friends, “I bet you $50 Walter White is in that ‘Breaking Bad’ movie”? Well, now there’s someone who will actually take that wager.

BetOnline has released its gambling lines for “El Camino,” including “Will Jesse Pinkman die?” The bookmaker believes Aaron Paul’s character will *probably* survive the sequel film, setting the “No” line at 2/3 (bet $3 to win $2). “Yes” is 11/10 (bet $10 to win $11), so that side is a hair shy of even money.

“Breaking Bad” Movie: Will Jesse Pinkman die?
Yes: +110 (11/10)
No: -150 (2/3) 

But if Pinkman kicks the bucket, how will Captain Cook meet his demise? You can bet on that too. (We don’t recommend going too heavy on Cross Bow, despite those tempting 33/1 odds.)

“Breaking Bad” Movie: Jesse Pinkman Method of Death
Does Not Die: 2/3
Gun Shot: 3/1
Knife/Axe: 4/1
Blunt Force: 6/1
Poison: 6/1
Car Accident: 7/1
Suicide: 8/1
Drug Overdose: 10/1
Strangulation: 10/1
Pushed off Building or Bridge: 12/1
Electrocution: 20/1
Buried Alive: 33/1
Burnt Alive: 33/1
Cross Bow: 33/1
Drowning: 33/1

Find a few more fun lines below. That “$50” we referenced above is the max bet for all of these prop bets.

Like: “Will Walter White Appear in the Movie?” BetOnline is pretty damn sure Bryan Cranston’s character will pop up.

“Breaking Bad” Movie: Will Walter White Appear in the Movie?
Yes: -2000 (1/20)
No: +1000 (10/1)

So forget that whole dying thing from the AMC series’ finale, we suppose. (We presume flashbacks count, though.)

BetOnline oddsmakers actually have Cranston as about four times more likely to appear than his scumbag lawyer, played so masterfully by Bob Odenkirk.

“Breaking Bad” Movie: Will Saul Goodman Appear in the Movie?
Yes: -500 (1/5)
No: +300 (3/1)

“Breaking Bad” Movie: Will Los Pollos Hermanos Be Shown?
Yes: -200 (1/2)
No: +150 (3/2)

“Breaking Bad” Movie: Will Gray Matter Be Said?
Yes: +300 (3/1)
No: -500 (1/5)

“El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” debuts on Netflix on Oct. 11. It will also begin a limited theatrical release the same day.