Eli Manning Is ‘Penguin Boy’ in Hilarious Closed Caption Fail

New York Giants quarterback earns the nickname he wasn’t asking for thanks to lousy talk-to-text integration

Eli Manning Penguin Boy

Bad news, Eli Manning: Following Sunday’s loss, the Washington Redskins currently own the NFC East first-place tiebreaker over your New York Giants. Worse news: Thanks to a closed captioning fail, you will be known as “Penguin Boy” from this day forward.

“This is not a goode good decision by Eli Manning penguin boy,” a closed caption read during the Giants’ 20-14 loss to the Redskins.

There was no obvious reason for the “penguin boy” addition, but social media-savvy football fans gobbled it up anyway on Thanksgiving weekend.

Manning had thrown three interceptions in the game, though arguably only one or two of them were his fault. The Giants marched back from a big deficit yesterday, but the comeback attempt proved too little, too late. Both teams are now 5-6, but Washington has the better divisional record currently.

The Giants and Redskins’ other two divisional opponents, the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, both lost their own games on Thanksgiving.

Neither quarterback was nicknamed for flightless birds in those games, though Cowboys QB Tony Romo was re-injured and will miss the rest of his season.