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Elijah Wood Revisits Puberty in ‘The Late Bloomer’ for Randall Einhorn

Wood has signed on to star in 'The Late Bloomer,' an upcoming film based on Ken Baker's book

Elijah Wood is about to go through puberty for "Wilfred" director Randall Einhorn.

Wood has signed on to star in “The Late Bloomer,” an upcoming film based on a memoir by Ken Baker, the former west coast bureau chief for US Weekly and current chief news correspondent for E!.

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The book, published in 2001, chronicles a man about to turn 30 who finds out he never fully went through puberty. After doctors remove the medical condition stunting his physical maturation, he finishes puberty in a matter of weeks.

“The combination of Einhorn and Wood is exceptional, as we’ve seen with the success of 'Wilfred',” Maggie Monteith, president of Dignity Film Finance and a producer on the film, said in a statement. “I know that they will honor Baker’s true story in a very entertaining way.”

As Monteith notes, Wood and Einhorn have worked together on "Wilfred," the FX show about a young man and his neighbor's human-sized dog. It was adapted from an Australian show of the same name. The show just finished its second season.

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In "The Late Bloomer," the two will reunite around a script that Joe Nussbaum wrote with Paul Kaplan & Mark Torgove based on Baker's "Man Made: A Memoir of My Body."

"'The Late Bloomer' is the type of wonderful heartfelt comedy that I like to engage in," Einhorn said in a statement. "Puberty can be difficult at best and has the potential to be extremely comedic in normal circumstances. This true story is anything but a normal circumstance. That truth is a new twist on something we all know well and Elijah is just perfect to play the lead role."

Einhorn, an Emmy nominee for his cinematography on "Survivor," has also directed for NBC's "The Office" and Showtime's "Nurse Jackie."

Wood can next be seen in Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" and is currently filming "Grand Piano" for Eugenio Mira.