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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Reveals She Had Abdominal Tumor During Fox News Return (Video)

“I was facing something that could potentially could have gone either way,” Hasselbeck reveals after undergoing surgery

Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to “Fox & Friends” Friday morning after a month off air, revealing she had an abdominal tumor that required surgery. Fortunately, the results came back as benign.

“I had a bit of a scare,” she said, recounting doctors telling her she had to get the tumor removed by the end of October. Hasselbeck underwent surgery, leaving her and her family in the midst of a “scary week” waiting for results.

“We had real serious talks at home, and honest ones with the kids,” Hasselbeck continued, then thanking her friends, family, and Fox News colleagues who treated her like family.

Hasselbeck’s Fox and Friends colleagues Steve Doocy and Eric Bolling (filling in for Brian Kilmeade) celebrated her return with a giant cake. Hasselbeck then got a surprise video from her children, wishing her a good first day back at work.

The kids might have a future in broadcast: they were dressed as Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  This, of course, opened the waterworks, as Hasselbeck burst into tears.

And for one final surprise, an old friend stopped by: Hasselbeck’s former “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd.

Watch below: