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Elisabeth Moss, Mark Duplass Discover a Deeper Mystery in ‘The One I Love’ Trailer (Video)

This is the feature directorial debut of Charlie McDowell

Everybody who saw “The One I Love” at Sundance have hinted that there’s more than meets the eye in Charlie McDowell’s feature directorial debut. The first trailer released on Thursday certainly seems to back this up, walking the fine line of teasing a deeper mystery and giving too much away.

Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass play a couple who go off to a remote country retreat for a bit of couples’ counseling, but what they find there is … something else. The trailer doesn’t give too much away, though a possible alternate dimension existing on the property is teased. Moss and Duplass do a lot of walking through doors, and talking the “fascinating,” “odd” and “really weird” things they see but we don’t.

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But when even the critical quotes pulled for the trailer itself stress one should not go into this movie with any spoilers, perhaps it’s for the best that very, very little is given away in this first bit of marketing.

Radius-TWC releases “The One I Love” on Aug. 22.

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