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Ellen DeGeneres Introduces ‘Masked Singer’ Ripoff ‘Masked Dancer': Who Is Frog? (Video)

Her and tWitch will keep guessing ”until we get it or until a lawyer from Fox shows up and tells us to stop“

It seems Ellen DeGeneres is just as entranced by Fox’s new celebrity competition show, “The Masked Singer,” as everyone else right now, calling it “what ‘American Idol’ would look like if you’re on mushrooms.”

DeGeneres is so into the idea, that she has developed her own version of the already smash-hit, “The Masked Dancer,” which she debuted on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday.

Her very first contestant? An anthropomorphic frog. Well, he wasn’t really a frog, but “Masked Singer” fans out there know how this whole thing goes.

Ellen and her DJ tWitch were given these “clues” to start with before Frog came out: 1) Birthday is between February and September, 2) Sometimes I wear glasses, and 3) My middle initial is not “R.”

OK, so those weren’t really helpful at all, but now Ellen and tWitch are ready to guess “until we get it or until a lawyer from Fox shows up and tells us to stop.”

Then Frog came out and gave a hopping good performance — but left the syndicated daytime talk show host and her DJ completely at a loss for guesses on who could be underneath the mask.

“This thing is really hot, so if you could speed it up,” Frog said. “Just a little less gap between each question. Anytime today.”

Eventually — after making poor frog wait through a commercial break — the two guessed, correctly, the “Masked Dancer” was none other than “Will & Grace” star Sean Hayes.

Watch the clip above.