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Ellen DeGeneres Rocks Ed Sheeran’s World With Her Smooth Dance Moves (Video)

Talk show host casts herself as ”Thinking Out Loud“ singer’s backup dancer

If this whole talk show host thing doesn’t work out for Ellen DeGeneres, she might find a second career as a backup dancer.

Or maybe not.

DeGeneres welcomed “The A Team” singer Ed Sheeran onto “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday, delivering a sassy spoof video in which she injects herself into a Sheeran concert to burst out some dance moves.

Who knew that someone could actually have three left feet?

During his appearance, Sheeran also performed the song “Thinking Out Loud” from his latest album “X,” and announced that he’s going on tour, beginning at the New Orleans Jazz Festival in April before heading across the country.

“I love coming back and touring America,” the British musician enthused. “The food’s just … everywhere, it’s great. My way of seeing the world is food.”

Sure, but it’s probably not as tasty as Ellen’s rug-cutting moves.

Watch Ellen kick it with Sheeran in the video.