Ellen Page Calls Out ‘Blatantly Homophobic’ Brett Ratner, Woody Allen, Other Hollywood ‘Abusers’

Actress says “X-Men: The Last Stand” director tried to out her, calls working with Allen “biggest regret of my career”

Ellen Page
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Ellen Page called out Hollywood “abusers” in a Facebook post on Wednesday, saying “X-Men: The Last Stand” director Brett Ratner tried to out her as a lesbian. The actress also called working with Woody Allen on “To Rome With Love” the “biggest regret of my career.”

After Ratner was accused of sexual harassment and abuse by multiple women, Page shared her own experience with the director in a lengthy essay on Friday, taking aim at men in the industry who abuse their power and those around them who enable such behavior.

Page said Ratner told an older woman in Page’s presence that she “should f— [Page] to make her realize she’s gay.” Then 18 years old, Page was not yet out as gay.

“I felt violated when this happened,” she wrote. “This man, who had cast me in the film, started our months of filming at a work event with this horrific, unchallenged plea. He ‘outed’ me with no regard for my well-being, an act we all recognize as homophobic.”

She went on to describe further instances of bad behavior from Ratner, including “degrading” comments to and about women and an “altercation” with the director after she refused to wear a t-shirt with the phrase “Team Ratner” on it.

“I’ve had the good fortune to work with many honorable and respectful collaborators both behind and in front of the camera. But the behavior I’m describing is ubiquitous,” she wrote, describing other inappropriate interactions she had as a young actress, including with men who made sexual advances on her when she was 16, with authority figures who tried to exploit her and with a crew member who sexually assaulted her.

“How many men in the media – titans of industry – need to be exposed for us to understand the gravity of the situation and to demand the fundamental safety and respect that is our right?” Page wrote.

She called out Hollywood for protecting abusers and turning a blind eye to inappropriate behavior. Page referenced the persistent rumors that followed Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein for decades and the continued celebration of directors Roman Polanski and Woody Allen despite the serious allegations made against them.

“What I want the most, is for this to result in healing for the victims,” she wrote. “For Hollywood to wake up and start taking some responsibility for how we all have played a role in this. I want us to reflect on this endemic issue and how this power dynamic of abuse leads to an enormous amount of suffering.”

“This is a long awaited reckoning. It must be,” she continued. “I am grateful to anyone and everyone who speaks out against abuse and trauma they have suffered. You are breaking the silence. You are revolution.”

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