Ellen Page on ‘Scary, Nerve-Wracking’ Moment While Filming Viceland’s ‘Gaycation’

TCA 2016: “It was probably one of the more scary, nerve-wracking moments I’ve had,” actress says of confrontation with anti-gay cop

Last Updated: January 6, 2016 @ 5:55 PM

Ellen Page had a scary moment while filming an episode of her Viceland series “Gaycation.”

Page and her best friend Ian Daniel, who travel the world exploring gay life, come face-to-face with people like Ted Cruz, an opponent of gay equality, and a Brazilian police officer who boasts of killing gays.

During a clip from the series, Page is seen standing with the man and asking Daniel, “I want to say I’m gay, do you think it’s safe?”

“Of course there’s a nervousness. There’a a nervousness driving there,” the actress said on stage during the Viceland panel at the 2016 Television Critics’ Association’s winter press tour. “It was probably one of the more scary, nerve-wracking moments I’ve had …. I feel like when we’re in that mode, we probably feel, maybe in a naive way that it’ all going to be okay.”

“A person who is standing in front of you is saying I’ve killed people like you, I’m going to do it again, and there are other people like me who are killing people like you … It’s scary in that it’s just hard to hear,” added Daniel.

“Gaycation” will air on Viceland, which rolls out in February.


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