Elmo Accuser Drops Underage Sex Complaint Against Kevin Clash

Former Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash still faces accusations from multiple plaintiffs

Kevin Clash, the puppeteer who formerly voiced the popular "Sesame Street" character Elmo, has one less underage-sex claim against him.

A Clash accuser identified as D.O. moved to voluntarily dismiss his complaint against Clash in U.S. District Court in southern New York on Monday.

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Clash's attorney, Michael G. Berger, told TheWrap on Tuesday that the voluntary dismissal was not the result of a settlement between the parties. Berger added that he will "forcefully argue" for the dismissal of other, similar claims against Clash, whom he asserts is innocent of any wrongdoing.

Clash, however, is not completely out of the woods yet. D.O. filed to dismiss his motion without prejudice, meaning he could theoretically re-file his complaint at some point.

Clash also faces complaints multiple other plaintiffs who've made similar complaints.

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According to court documents obtained by TheWrap, D.O., now 29, claimed that he began having sex with Clash in 2009.

On March 1, Berger filed a motion to dismiss the claims brought by D.O., as well as plaintiffs identified as Cecil Singleton and S.M., claiming that any alleged sexual contact would fall outside the statute of limitations.

Clash resigned from Sesame Workshop last November, after a second accuser filed suit against him.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.