Elon Musk Laughs at Haters as Tesla Shares Continue to Climb

Silicon Valley’s favorite entrepreneur couldn’t hold back on Twitter

With shares of Tesla Inc. climbing at a blistering pace, CEO Elon Musk took a moment to revel in the pain this is causing the “haters” of his electric car company.

The tech playboy tweeted a link to an Investopedia article showing Tesla is the most “shorted” security on the market — and followed it by saying “These guys want us to die so bad they can taste it.”

Short selling a stock allows investors to bet on a security decreasing in value — and make money on the drop in price, rather than the increase. With more than $10 billion in short interest against it, Tesla has more money bet against it than any other company, according to financial analyst firm S3 Partners.

But if you were smart (or lucky) enough to invest in Tesla last fall, congratulations; shares have more than doubled since December 1, with the company trading at $370 as the market closed today.

Musk has had had plenty of opportunities to gloat at Tesla shorts this year; after the company reported a record amount of quarterly deliveries back in April, he couldn’t hold back.