Elon Musk Finds Russell Brand ‘Disappointing’ — for Not Promoting His Videos on X Instead

It seems the CEO of what used to be Twitter hopes the two can work together

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Russell Brand released a video on Rumble and shared it on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday, his first post since a U.K. Channel 4 investigation aired exploring claims that he sexually abused and raped at least four women. In his latest offering, Brand pushed conspiracy theories while railing against online censorship and asked his followers to join him on Rumble, because “that’s the only way that we can keep our voice.”

In response, Elon Musk tweeted, “It is rather disappointing that he is exclusively pushing Rumble when X has supported free speech just as much.”

Yes, you are correct — Brand’s behavior that leaves Musk deeply disappointed seems not to be the alleged sexual harassment, but that the actor and comedian isn’t sharing and promoting his content on X as his primary platform.

Many on the platform had plenty to say in response to Musk. Some agreed and pointed out that it’s probable that Brand has a contract in place with Rumble.

As one person wrote, “Agreed, although I think that he may have a financial contract with Rumble, who he has been working with for a while. Considering the reach that his last few videos got on X, @rustyrockets should consider uploading his full videos on both free-speech-supporting platforms.”

Others used the opportunity to ask Musk to bring back some users who have been banned from the platform. These include far-right commentator Nicholas Fuentes, far-right former professor Tomislav Sunić and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Right-wing commentator Dan Bongino added his voice to the mix and tweeted, “This isn’t zero sum. I own a good chunk of Rumble and I’ve spoken in your defense many times. I’ve also promoted Tucker’s show which is on X only.”

Brand and Musk have not commented further on the matter.