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‘Elyisum’ Director on Matt Damon’s Nemeis Sharlto Copley: ‘He’s a Villain You Haven’t Really Experienced Before’ (Video)

The "District 9" star plays Kruger, a hired gun who is tasked with hunting down Damon's character in Sony's upcoming sci-fi film

Sharlto Copley's character in "Elysium" is like "a CIA agent, but a lot dirtier," according to Jodie Foster in a new featurette for Neill Blomkamp's upcomign science fiction film.

Copley, who played the sympathetic lead in Blomkamps Oscar-nominated "District 9," takes a villainous turn in "Elysium" as Kruger. Blomkamp describes the movie's antagonist as a "highly-formidable ex-special forces guy-turned-agency hitman."

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And according to Damon — who plays the protagonist that faces off against Copley — he is one of the few actors qualified to bring Kruger to life.

"Sharlto is either the most professional actor around, or just the most insane person," Damon said.

"There's something about him that you have to watch — raw determination and intensity," Blomkamp adds. "He's a villain you haven't really experienced before."

Learn more about the character, who will be shooting up the big screen on Aug. 9, in the video below: