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‘Elysium’ Trailer: Matt Damon Fights for the Future’s 99 Percent (Video)

The actor fights to save his own life (and others) in director Neill Blomkamp's futuristic action thriller.

Matt Damon suits up to take down the future's oppressive one percent in the first trailer for Sony's "Elysium."

Neill Blomkamp's follow-up to "District 9" takes place in the year 2154, a future where the wealthiest human beings are lucky to live high up in the sky in a titular space station — so advanced that tanning bed-like machines can detect and cure cancer in seconds. The poorest, however, aren't so lucky and are stuck living on the old, crappy planet Earth.

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Damon is a member of the latter social class, while Jodie Foster plays the villainous head of Elysium — a place Damon's character is so desperate to infiltrate, he undergoes a painful procedure to mount a powerful exoskeleton to his body.

"District 9" good guy Sharlto Copley takes a turn as a bad guy in the science fiction thriller that looks like a vivid vision of where our society is heading if the rich keep using our planet's resources to get richer, while the poor only get poorer.

Watch the "Elysium" trailer: