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‘Queen Latifah Show’ Partners With SocialRank to Reward Fans (Exclusive)

SocialRank will tell the show which of its fans are most engaged and important

The “Queen Latifah Show” has partnered with SocialRank for a new campaign to reward Twitter followers of the talk show with prizes for interacting with the show on social media. Latifah unveiled the #YouJustMay campaign on Thursday via the show’s website.

SocialRank, a start-up founded by Alex Taub and Michael Schonfeld, will help Latifah determine which fans to reward using its data about a particular brand’s most engaged and valuable fans on Twitter. Taub and Schonfeld launched the company in February, and a few thousand brands now use it.

“Our tool is really good for the entertainment industry to get more insight about people that follow them on social networks,” Taub told TheWrap.

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The show will proliferate the hashtag #YouJustMay, and the people who follow and engage with the show on Twitter can win prizes like a Roku, signed books and CDs from the show’s guests and a and a tweet from Latifah. SocialRank will identify all of the people who engaged in the past 30 days, surfacing tweets from peopled deemed “important” due to their own social presence.

This campaign will help grow the show’s following of 21,000 — Latifah has more than six million for her own account — and promote loyalty through rewards. SociaRank offers lists of someone’s most valuable, engaged and important followers on Twitter. It will soon expand to Instagram.

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