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Emilia Clarke Is Starting to Get ‘Really Annoyed’ by Fans’ Obsession With ‘Game of Thrones’ Nudity

”People f— for pleasure — it’s part of life,“ actress says

Emilia Clarke has stripped down for her role as the Mother of Dragons on “Game of Thrones” more times than there are kingdoms in Westeros.

However, the actress, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, says she’s sick and tired of people focusing on the nude scenes that are part of the hit HBO series — even if they are a big chunk of the plot.

In her interview for Harper’s Bazaar’s December/January 2018 cover, Clarke went over how she thinks it’s ridiculous that fans (and naysayers) have such a serious obsession with the show’s sex scenes.

“I’m starting to get really annoyed about this stuff now because people say, ‘Oh, yeah, all the porn sites went down when Game of Thrones came back on,’ ” Clarke says, in a first look at the interview, given to People. “I’m like, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale?’ I f–ing love that show, and I cried when it ended because I couldn’t handle not seeing it. That is all sex and nudity.”

“There are so many shows centered around this very true fact that people reproduce,” she continued. “People f— for pleasure — it’s part of life.”

Clarke’s most memorable nude scene to date has been the one she shared with Kit Harington’s Jon Snow at the end of the Season 7 finale back in August. To be fair, unbeknownst to both characters, she was getting it on with her nephew. So, that was a pretty big conversation starter for fans.