Eminem Scores Grammy Nomination for Song Where He Sings ‘I Sold My Soul’ for Grammys

“Lucky You,” Marshall


Eminem just landed a Grammy nomination for his song “Lucky You,” which features fellow emcee Joyner Lucas. The single, which comes off of Slim Shady’s “Kamikaze” album, is an interesting Best Rap Song contender, as Eminem takes a shot at the Grammys in his version of the chorus.

Here are Em’s relevant lyrics:

I done won a couple Grammys, but I sold my soul to get ’em
Wasn’t in it for the trophies, just the f—in’ recognition
F—‘s the difference?

Joyner’s bars, which start the song, are a bit more complimentary of the top trophy in their industry. A bit.

Elsewhere on “Kamikaze,” Marshall Mathers goes even harder at Music’s Biggest Night.

From “Fall”:

Then tell the Grammys to go and f— themselves
They suck the blood from all the biggest artists like some leeches
So they nominate ’em, get ’em there, get a name to MC the show
Every parasite needs a host
Then give Album of the Year to somebody that no one’s ever even heard of
All I know is I wrote every single word of everything I ever murdered

We guess those (let’s call them) shoutouts didn’t turn off the voters too much.

Watch the “Lucky You” music video here:

Eminem isn’t the only one nominated for his work on the song. Producer BOI-1DA is nominated for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical for his efforts on the track and on seven other (non-Eminem) songs.

Joyner Lucas was nominated himself for Best Music Video for “I’m Not Racist.”

Eminem has 15 Grammys to his name and had 43 nominations before this morning’s list came out. Make it 44 now.