Eminem’s 11-Minute Freestyle Name-Drops Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Apple Watch, AMC Theatres (Video)

Blame Slim Shady for the Lacey Peterson line

Eminem just dropped 11 minutes of pure fire. Slim Shady’s latest lengthy freestyle was sans backing track and filmed in The Shelter at St. Andrew’s Hall in his native Detroit, Michigan.

The one-man cypher in a bare-bones setting takes a shot at the Apple Watch, and mentions Ariana Grande and the Manchester bombing. Eminem’s also got new rhymes about Justin Bieber, Lacey Peterson, and AMC Theatres, among other subjects.

Below are the best lines and punchlines though, in our humble opinion.


A.D.D./You better put out an A.P.B./because it’ll take L.A.P.D./and me laying in the street/for you to see Shady beat/And I’d bet you they’d need cleats/because I’d have to be stomped by 40 men to suffer a defeat (80 feet).


The bear you don’t want to poke is back/The backbone of rap/Your f–king lead singles are my bonus tracks.

There were plenty more worthwhile bars where those came from.

Our typing doesn’t do Marshall Mathers much justice — watch the video above.

Eminem’s diss-album “Kamikaze” is out now.