Emma Stone Wants You to Adopt These Hurricane Florence Rescue Pups So Bad She’ll Lie About Them (Video)

“This is Ruby. Fun fact: She is named that because it’s what she poops”

Stephen Colbert needed a celebrity on Monday to help him get Hurricane Florence rescue puppies adopted. Thankfully, Emma Stone was in the house, and the “Maniac” star had no problem telling some white lies to find the little ones new homes.

Like:”This is Olive. Olive is a private security consultant who’s been working with the Robert Mueller investigation for the past eight months, and is ready to tell you some stuff that will blow your mind.”

And: “This is Ruby. Fun fact: She is named that because it’s what she poops.”

Unfortunately, one of Colbert’s dogs, Barkley, “suffers from a crippling porn addiction,” per the “Late Show” host. Not to be outdone, Stone had one with a bit of a hallucinogenics problem.

Perhaps this is actually not the BEST way to get these pooches adopted.

At least the final dog of the segment was the director of 2015 Oscar Best Picture winner “Spotlight.” That’s pretty impressive for a baby hound.

Watch the “Rescue Dog Rescue” video above.

And seriously folks, the North Shore Animal League is a great place to find your family’s new best friend. Find the charitable organization and its available pets here.

Stone’s new TV series “Maniac” is out on Netflix now.