Emma Thompson Re-Thinks Her Donald Trump Dinner Date Refusal (Video)

She’d really like to know if the president’s hair is real

Emma Thompson was once asked out by Donald Trump and is rethinking her dismissal of the now-president’s advances. “I could have changed the course of history,” she joked on Friday night’s “The Graham Norton Show.”

“In so many ways I wish I had, because if I’d gone out with him for dinner, I could’ve done that,” she said as she ruffled Adam Sandler’s hair, checking if it was real or not. “And then we could’ve all known. And then maybe he wouldn’t have been president.”

Thompson said she was asked to dinner by the real estate mogul in 1997 while working on the film “Primary Colors,” which, ironically, was a fictionalized account of Bill Clinton’s first primary run for president. “Actually, one only associated Trump with tasteless architecture at that point,” she said, adding that even then he had a “boundless sense of narcissistic madness.”

She remembered being in her trailer receiving a phone call — she didn’t even know the landline in her trailer worked, and assumed someone was pulling a prank when the voice on the other end said “Hi, this is Donald Trump.”

“I was absolutely astounded,” she said when he asked if she’d like to stay in one of his hotels and get dinner. “How did he get my number? I mean, a number that I didn’t have.”

Watch the full clip above.