Emmanuel Acho, Tika Sumpter on How ‘Open Dialogue’ Might Combat the Wounds of Racial Injustice (Video)

”There’s a disconnect between our white brothers and sisters and our black brothers and sisters and it’s because of limited exposure,“ former NFL star and sports analyst Acho says

Former NFL star and veteran sports analyst Emmanuel Acho knows all too well the challenges that African Americans face in fighting racial injustice and inequality in the United States. Getting all Americans on board with understanding the issues and pushing for substantive change continues to be a struggle.

“I grew up in white culture. I went to an all-white private school in Dallas, Texas, and I’m first-generation American, I’m Nigerian American,” Acho told TheWrap editor in chief Sharon Waxman Tuesday during a webinar titled “Allies Unite: Fixing a Broken System and Using Your Platform for Change.”

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Umberto Gonzalez

Film Reporter ◘umberto@thewrap.com◘Twitter: @elmayimbe