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‘Atlanta’ Star Brian Tyree Henry Wishes His Character Had an Invisible Car (Exclusive Video)

”I would stunt so hard in that,“ the FX actor tells TheWrap

“The Club” episode on Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” was probably most fans’ favorite for one reason and one reason only — the invisible car.

The car made an appearance for only a split second, but it was so much of a hit that even Brian Tyree Henry would exchange his Paper Boi role in order to play the guy who drove it (who was actually Marcus Miles).

“The dude who drove the invisible car — I want to be that dude,” Henry told TheWrap. “I was hoping that Alfred would get one, I was like ‘Oh man, I would stunt so hard in that.'”

The “Atlanta” star also discussed how some of the toughest scenes he’s had to do for the show were being in a (real) car with the windows rolled up because it’s so hot in Atlanta, Georgia. An invisible car would surely help ease that process.

“You know Alfred is always in his car, he’s always driving around doing things,” Henry said. “That was a little tough.”

The actor added that shooting the club scene was also a bit difficult, but for reasons other than having to watch Marcus Miles speed off in his fancy wheels.

“Being in a club — clubs are like not my favorite thing … shooting that episode in the club was absolutely really tough but the payoff at the end was really good, I think, because I got to beat somebody up so it was great,” he joked.

“Atlanta” will return to FX in 2018 — it’s been delayed because of Glover’s production schedule. Maybe by then Alfred will be able to get his invisible car?

Watch the video above.