‘Entourage’ Cast Admits to On-Set Hookups, Sleeping with Guest Stars on ‘Ellen’ (Video)

Kevin Connolly is the loser (or winner) of Never Have I Ever on daytime talk show

The cast of “Entourage” appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday and played a very revealing game of Never Have I Ever.

Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Dillon, and Adrian Grenier all admitted they had hooked up with someone in either a dressing room or a trailer while on the set of the popular HBO show.

All eyes were on Connolly, however, when DeGeneres asked if any of the actors had ever had sex with someone who only knew them by their character name from the show. And all except Dillon said they have gotten frisky with a guest star. “It has been 12 years,” Grenier said while admitting he has, indeed.

The actors who play the Hollywood crew inspired by Mark Wahlberg‘s loyal friends definitely seemed to be getting a little hot under the collar with the line of questioning, but how trustworthy are their answers?

“Never have I ever lied on a talk show,” DeGeneres asked before Grenier and Ferrara had no problem admitting their guilt.

“Entourage” is currently playing in theaters nationwide.

Watch the video.