Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore Kicked Out of ‘Survivor Series’ (Video)

Disguised wrestler-turned-rapper revealed himself ringside on same day he dropped debut rap album

Enzo Amore - WWE

Yeah, that was Enzo Amore sitting ringside at WWE pay-per-view “Survivor Series.” That’s *was* because the former WWE superstar has been kicked out of the L.A. Staples Center event after revealing himself to the crowd, standing on a folding chair, and leading them in a recital of his old entrance-ramp schtick.

Below is Amore — real name Eric Ardnt — attempting to hijack “Survivor Series,” which is the second-longest-running of the WWE PPVs.

It is probably (read: “definitely”) no coincidence that the self-proclaimed “Certified G” and “Bonafide Stud” dropped his debut rap album, “Rosemary’s Baby Pt. 1: Happy Birthday,” on iTunes and Spotify today. Arndt now spits under the name nZo — he formerly rapped as “Real1.”

Before all of the distracting nonsense happened, which got “Enzo” trending on Twitter, Big Cass’ former tag team partner and hype-man just tried to blend in — or at least, to bide his time.

Here’s a look at Arndt sitting in the second row on what they call the “hard camera” side of the ring. That means the WWE Network’s fixed-camera was pretty much on him the whole time, and it didn’t take Twitter too long to catch on.

Cool disguise, bro.


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Zero f??-?cks

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Cooler belt.

Amore’s shirt reads “I’m Doin’ Great!,” which is a response to his own catchphrase, “How You Doin’?”

Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer reports that Amore was detained by WWE and Staples Center security, as well as the LAPD. Enzo was eventually shown the door and “banned from returning,” Alvarez wrote on Twitter.

WWE did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on Amore’s attendance and behavior.

Below are a few more looks at Amore’s ejection.

Amore was released by WWE in January after being accused of rape. At the time, he was the Cruiserweight Champion and face of “205 Live.” Though the case was dropped, Amore was not reinstated by WWE. He had reportedly been a disciplinary problem for much of his time on the main roster.

Arndt has said he’ll never wrestle again. But he’ll sure still cut promos:

That second tweet is a reference to an incident from last week, when Arndt was kicked off of a Delta flight for allegedly vaping on the airplane.