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Obama Attorney General Eric Holder Tells Colbert He’s ‘Thinking About’ 2020 POTUS Run (Video)

CBS studio audience is into it

You might want to start gathering mud to sling now, Donald Trump: Former Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder told Stephen Colbert on Monday that he’s “thinking about” running for president of the United States in 2020.

When the CBS late-night host initially asked his guest if he’s “seriously” considering throwing his hat into the ring, Holder took the temperature of the “Late Show’s” New York City studio audience. They seemed into it.

“I was just looking to see potential contributors, you know?” Holder told Colbert after pausing for applause. “And cabinet members.”

But seriously, “your majesty” — we doing this thing or what?

“Yeah, I’m thinking about it,” Holder answered the question. “And what I’ve said is that I’d make a determination sometime early next year.”

“My focus really now is on 2018 — the midterms — and trying to make sure that Democrats take back the Senate, take back the House,” he continued, “and that we do well — importantly — at the state level.”

That’s the best way to set up 2021’s redistricting, the pre-Trump leader of the Justice Department explained.

Watch the video above.