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Eric Trump Suggests Ellen DeGeneres Is ‘Deep State,’ Internet Now in Deep State of Laughter

The talk show host appears alongside Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the first son’s suggested Twitter follows

First family member Eric Trump is getting skewered on Twitter after a tweet suggesting that Ellen DeGeneres is part of the “deep state.”

“LOL good, we’re officially at the clown stage of this. Well done Eric Trump,” tweeted one commenter.

Eric Trump, the president’s second son, on Tuesday questioned the social media network’s automated recommended follows, including a screen grab that had suggested he follow Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Ellen DeGeneres.

“Shocking,” the 33-year-old Trump tweeted with a screenshot of the suggestions. “Once again, here are the @Twitter ‘suggestions’ of who I should follow. #DeepState.”

“Deep State” has become a catch-all conspiracy theory, widely discredited, that suggests there is an effort by government employees and others to influence state policy heedless of democratically elected leadership.

Needless to say, internet users were quick to point out that none of the three people Eric Trump noted in his tweet are government employees or hold elective office.

“Ellen DeGeneres and two people not in office = ‘The Deep State,'” noted one commenter. “Eric really is the dumbest Trump.”

Following his tweet, the younger Trump was roasted by users who laughed off his claims.

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