ESPN Founder Bill Rasmussen Reveals Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis

The 86-year-old pens post for ESPN Front Row

Last Updated: July 15, 2019 @ 8:03 AM

ESPN founder Bill Rasmussen was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease back in 2014 but first publicly shared his very personal news on Monday.

“First and foremost — I’m doing well,” Rasmussen wrote in a heartfelt piece for ESPN’s Front Row. “For a guy pushing 87, and with the help of medicine that helps treat my symptoms, I still get around quite well and continue to travel the country telling the ESPN/life lessons stories as I have for decades.”

“Things are changing for me: The shaking hands have arrived along with walking a little slower,” he said. “Unexpected balance issues in crowds have led me to alter my airport routine. Per doctor’s orders, I now ride a wheelchair from check-in to aircraft. You might think that’s embarrassing, but not me — no long TSA lines anymore!”

“I’m adjusting to other things of course: My fingers are not flexible enough for me to tie a tie anymore (oh well),” Rasmussen continued. “And I no longer drive (that saves aggravation and $$).”

But he can “still walk, talk, think and … throw a baseball,” Rasmussen, who played for DePauw University, wrote.

He can also raise awareness for Parkinson’s, which he plans on doing more and more of, starting with this piece. Read the latest inspiration chapter from Rasmussen’s life story here.


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