ESPN Host Stephen A. Smith Apologizes for Domestic Violence Remarks on ‘First Take’ (Video)

Smith host calls remarks the “most egregious error of my career”

Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith has been in a little bit of hot water lately, after making remarks last Friday on ESPN’s “First Take” that women sometimes provoke domestic violence, which came up when he and co-host Skip Bayless were discussing the NFL’s two-game domestic violence suspension of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice.

On Monday morning’s “First Take,” Smith addressed the remarks he made, saying that he made “the most egregious error of my career.”

See video: ESPN Host Under Fire for Remarks About Domestic Violence Victims (Video)

He went on to say that “My words came across it is somehow a woman’s fault. This is not my intent. The failure to clearly articulate something different lies squarely on my shoulders. To say what I said was foolish is an understatement; to apologize, to say I’m sorry doesn’t do the proper justice.”

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Smith was especially regretful because he cited that he’s dealt with domestic violence in his own family.

“Unfortunately, I did an incredibly poor job of asserting my point of view this past Friday. For that, again, I am truly, truly sorry,” Smith said. “Particularly the victims of domestic abuse and to my female family members and loved ones I’ve disappointed, and who know I know better. You all deserved a better professional, and quite frankly a better man sitting on this set, in this very chair. My heartfelt apologies.”

Watch the video: