Ethan Hawke to Reprise His ‘Purge’ Film Role in USA Network’s TV Series Season 2 Finale

Hawke starred in the first movie of the Jason Blum horror franchise


The second season finale of USA Network’s “Purge” TV series will feature one of the stars from the original film franchise.

Ethan Hawke, who starred in 2013’s “The Purge” as James Sandin, will reprise his role for Season 2 finale airing on Dec. 17.

In the original film, Sandin is a security system salesman who tries to protect his family from home invaders during a purge night gone wrong. The character will be featured in the finale’s cold open, which flashes back to one week before the first national purge and the first time Sandin’s high-tech security system is tested.

Here is the logline for the Season 2 finale, titled “7:01 AM.”:

The finale picks up as purge night rages on and Esme, Ryan, Marcus and Ben fight for their lives and their loved ones.

The USA Network TV series is led by James DeMonaco, who wrote all four “Purge” films and the upcoming fifth entry in the Jason Blum-produced franchise. When TheWrap spoke with DeMonaco in October, he teased that the series would feature a tie-in to the films. “We want to tie the TV show into the previous films. We’re trying to tie it into the previous movies in a really cool way.”