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‘Euphoria': Storm Reid Says Questions About Rue’s Fate ‘Will Be Answered’ in First Episodes of Season 2

HBO star also thinks ”you’ll be seeing a lot more Gia in the second season“

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Season 1 finale of “Euphoria.”)

“Euphoria” ended its first season with a trippy cliffhanger earlier this month that left fans wondering if Zendaya’s Rue had relapsed and died. While we don’t have the answer to that question yet, Storm Reid — who plays Rue’s little sister, Gia, on the HBO drama series — says you will not long after Season 2 begins.

“Yes, our whole show is for your own interpretation, and I did see the things where people ask me if she was deceased or not, or if she had relapsed in the last episode,” Reid told Entertainment Weekly, when asked about viewers’ theories regarding Rue’s fate. “I feel like again, it’s for your own interpretation, and the questions that you may have specifically about the eighth episode will be answered in the first couple of episodes of Season 2.”

No premiere date has been set for “Euphoria’s” second season, so we don’t know how long you’ll be waiting for these answers.

Now, let’s go back to discussing the first season of the Sam Levinson-created series, which was packed with character-centric episodes. Though Gia didn’t get one during of those eight installments devoted to her, Reid says that won’t be the case when the show returns.

“Yes, we’re working on that and trying to really just develop her character because the first season she’s just the little sister staying on the sidelines, but she’ll be older and she’ll really have her own opinion, and really become her own person,” the actress said. “I feel like you’ll be seeing a lot more Gia in the second season.”