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Watch Eve’s Emotional Goodbye on Her Final Episode of ‘The Talk': ‘I’ll Be Forever Grateful’ (Video)

She’s been a co-host since 2017

Eve has left the building.

The rapper, actress and TV personality said her emotional goodbye to “The Talk” on Friday’s episode, where she’s served as co-host since 2017.

But first, she expressed to fellow co-hosts Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood and Carrie Ann Inaba how thankful she is for them.

“I truly, genuinely, for real, love you,” Eve told her cohorts. “I’ve been so lucky and so thankful to be a part of this show. I’ve learned from each of you ladies. I’ve gotten something from you all, whether that’s being more authentic, Mrs. O, or whether that is knowing who you are and standing your ground, Sheryl, or whether that is opening up your soul, Carrie Ann.”

Eve began tearing up as she continued, “You have been beyond supportive. I was so scared to call you to tell you that I was leaving, because I was like, ‘I don’t want to leave.’ It’s the hardest thing. It’s very bittersweet. I was actually really worried to talk to you, and the first thing that happened was you all were like, ‘Girl, we’re really happy for you! You’ve got stuff to do!’ It was the most beautiful feeling to feel supported and loved.”

She added, “I’ve gotten so many beautiful messages. I’ve gotten nothing but support and I’ve always only gotten love and support every time I’ve come to set. I am grateful. I will be forever grateful. And like I said, this is not goodbye, this is, I’ll see you later and thank you!”

Eve announced her exit from the CBS talk show in November, citing her desire to spend more time with her family at their home in London rather than return to the Los Angeles studio where the show is filmed.

Watch her emotional goodbye in the video above.