Even Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Can’t Tell Themselves Apart (Video)

“Know Your Jimmys” proves they’re the same dude

Late-night talk show hosts Jimmy Fallon (NBC) and Jimmy Kimmel (ABC) are constantly getting confused for each other. They attempted to clear it all up Thursday night with “Jimmy Kimmel Live” instructional video “Know Your Jimmys.”

Turns out, they’re the exact same dude.

“I understand why people get us confused,” Fallon starts the segment off. “The names. We both wear suits, both have shows.”

“We both have dark hair,” the competition Kimmel steps in. “We’re both white guys, which is not as exciting as it used to be.”

“Definitely not,” Fallon says.

OK, so those are some things they have in common. Let’s get into the differences, shall we?

For starters, Kimmel was born in Brooklyn. Ah crap, so was Fallon.

But, like, what did each of you have for breakfast this morning? BOTH had oatmeal and baby carrots?!?

By now, you can see where this is going. Watch the video above.