Everyone in Hollywood Has Been Cast in ‘Spider-Man 3’ – At Least According to Twitter

The Internet has taken “fan casts” to a whole new level with their latest meme

Far From Home Spider-Man Tom Holland
Jay Maidment/Sony

When news broke about Doctor Octopus’ return in the upcoming “Spider-Man 3,” the first thought on everyone’s mind was what other characters we might be able to look forward to welcoming back. And it didn’t take long for rumors to surface that “Daredevil’s” Charlie Cox could make an appearance. That’s why the Internet is having way too much fun with a new meme where everyone is making “official” breaking news tweets. Of course, they also “source” reputable publications, because who really knows what’s going on with this movie at this point, anyway?

Basically, it seems like “Spider-Man 3” is going to include everything and the kitchen sink–when it comes to story and casting. But social media is having a lot of fun with that fact, throwing out their best (and wildest) guesses about casting announcements. Even The Wrap’s own Jeremy Fuster got into the fun, making a pretend breaking news tweet about Queen Elizabeth II joining the Marvel film.

“BREAKING: Tom Holland will now have a cameo in Zendaya’s SPIDER-MAN 3” MCU News tweeted, making a cheeky reference to Peter Parker’s own movie being upstaged.

Look, a Spider-Verse is definitely out there. And with Marvel now back in total control of its web-slinger, anything could be fair game. A glance at the wild responses up and down Twitter includes the “casting announcements” of everyone from Mark Hamill to Octavia Spencer to Chris Rock. And it seems no one is safe from these fan casts–not even Paddington.

But let’s be honest: could we see Paddington showing up in a “Spider-Man” film, maybe sharing some marmalade with Peter Parker during a break in his crimefighting? Yes, we can. Do we actually want this to happen considering nothing seems to be off the table when it comes to this film? Yes, we do.

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