Everyone is Making the Same Bad Joke About David Pecker

“I guess you could say Trump failed to wrap Pecker up,” says Daily Beast politics editor Sam Stein

David Pecker
Getty Images

On Thursday, news emerged that American Media chief David Pecker received immunity from federal prosecutors in their investigation of President Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen.

Pecker’s name quickly became one of the top trending topics in the United States on Twitter. While most of the commentary was sober and high-minded — others could not help but snicker at the news by unleashing a slew of jokes and puns.




Pecker, whose American Media publishes the National Enquirer, is one of President Trump’s longest media allies. Before Trump became president, Pecker worked with the Trump team to buy the stories of women accusing him of extramarital affairs and wouldn’t run them. This practice, known as “catch and kill,” is widely used in tabloid media.

The immunity suggests that Pecker is now officially working with prosecutors not just against Michael Cohen, but in the broader inquiry into Donald Trump.