Quibi: Everything Announced to Date

From Lighthouse productions, to Quick Bites, to Daily Essentials

With Quibi announcing multiple shows a week, it can be hard to keep tabs on the $1 billion startup. So we’ve compiled a list with everything the company has announced so far, from its Lighthouse productions, to its Daily Essentials shows.


“Lighthouses” are movies that are 100 minutes, 180 minutes, or 200 minutes in length, which are delivered in 10-minute chapters.

“How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”

Writer: Guy Branum
Production: Paramount TV
Description: Follows an online columnist and an oversexed advertising executive who both need to prove, once and for all, they’re capable of being monogamous.

“One Night Forever”

Writer: Jonathan Abrahams
Executive Producers: Awesomeness TV’s Shelley Zimmerman, Rebecca Glashow, and Brin Lukens
Description: Details to be confirmed

“Last American Vampire”

Producers: David Katzenberg, Seth Grahame Smith, Aaron Schmidt
Production: Produced by 20th Century Fox Television
Writer: Terry Matalas
Description: A young female FBI agent is partnered with a wealthy, 500-year-old vampire bon vivant to protect the world from a dangerous threat.

“Action Scene”

Starring: Kevin Hart
Executive Producers: Kevin Hart, Jeff Clanagan and Dave Becky
Produced By: Laugh Out Loud
Description: Kevin Hart plays a fictionalized version of himself on a quest to land the action movie role of a lifetime.

“Mapleworth Murders”

Written by / Starring: Paula Pell, John Lutz
Executive Producers: Lorne Michaels, Andrew Singer, Seth Meyers, Mike Shoemaker
Co-Executive Producers: Hilary Marx, Jason Carden
Producers: Broadway Video; Sethmaker Shoemeyers
Studio: Universal Television
Description: Abigail Mapleworth, a murder-mystery writer who solves homicides in her small town.

“Don’t Look Deeper”

Starring: Don Cheadle, Emily Mortimer, Helena Howard
Director / Executive Producer: Catherine Hardwicke
Showrunner / Writer / Executive Producer: Jeffrey Lieber
Writer / Executive Producer: Charlie McDonnell
Executive Producers: Kathleen Grace and Laura Schwartz for New Form, Jed Weintrob and Julina Tatlock for 30 Ninjas
Description: “Don’t Look Deeper” centers on a high school senior who can’t seem to shake the feeling that she’s not human.


Starring: Laurence Fishburne, Stephan James, Skeet Ulrich
Director: Seith Mann
Executive Producer: Antoine Fuqua
Writer: Mark Maurino
Produced by: Fuqua Films, Sony Pictures TV
Description: The series follows a young, black Iraq War veteran named who is set up by the police on a drug deal and takes refuge inside his apartment building with his girlfriend and child.


Starring: Anna Kendrick, Donal Logue
Writer: Cody Heller
Director: Tricia Brock
Executive Producers: Anna Kendrick, Cody Heller, Tricia Brock
Produced by: Wiip
Description: A buddy comedy that follows an aspiring writer (Kendrick) and her boyfriend’s sex doll.


Starring: Darren Criss
Writers: Darren Criss, Nick Lang, Matt Lang
Executive Producers: Gail Berman, Hend Baghdady, Joe Earley, Darren Criss, Matt Lang, Nick Lang, and Ricky Rollins
Produced by: FOX SideCar Entertainment
Description: A satirical take on the oft-untold story of songwriters behind the world’s biggest hits.

Untitled Action Thriller

Starring: Liam Hemsworth
Writer: Nick Santora
Director: Phil Abraham
Executive Producer: Nick Santora, Phil Abraham
NWEPs: Gordon Gray and Silver Reel Pictures
Production: Produced by CBS Television Studios for Quibi
Description: Desperate to take care of his pregnant wife before a terminal illness can take his life, Dodge Maynard accepts an offer to participate in a deadly game where he soon discovers that he’s not the hunter… but the prey.


Starring: Thomas Lennon
Writer: Thomas Lennon
Executive Producers: Thomas Lennon, Peter Principato for Artists First
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Description: After failing spectacularly in Silicon Valley, a misguided entrepreneur moves one valley over into wine country and tries to turn a run-down vineyard into a success.


Writer / Director: Jed Mercurio
Produced by: HTM Television
Description: A science-fiction thriller where a lone scientist begins receiving eerie signals from deep space.

“The Stranger”

Writer / Director/ Executive Producer: Veena Sud (“The Killing”)
Studio: Fox 21 Television Studios
Description: An unassuming young rideshare driver is thrown into her worst nightmare when a mysterious Hollywood Hills passenger enters her car.

“Crazy Talented” 

Director: Doug Liman
Writer: Michael Karnow
Executive Producers: Julina Tatlock and Jed Weintrob
Produced by: 30 Ninjas
Description:  Patients at a psychiatric ward are convinced by a charismatic leader that their defects are actually extraordinary “talents.”


Director: Alexandre Aja
Writer: David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick
Executive Producers: Alexandre Aja and David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick
Co-Producer: Hiroki Shirota
Production: Sony Pictures Television and Universal Content Productions
Description: Based on the cult hit manga series, “Tomie” is the story of what happens when a beautiful high school girl goes missing and pieces of her body are discovered scattered around a small town.

“When the Street Lights Go On”

Writers: Eddie O’Keefe and Chris Hutton
Director: Rebecca Thomas
Executive Producers: Chris Hutton, Rebecca Thomas, Tariq Merhab, and Chad Hamilton
Produced by: Paramount TV and Anonymous Content
Description: After the murder of a young girl rocks a suburban community, the victim’s sister and her high school peers struggle to find a sense of normalcy.

“The Fugitive”

Writer: Nick Santora
Executive Producers: Nick Santora, Basil Iwanyk, Tom Lassally and Albert Torres
Studio: Warner Bros. Television
Produced by: Thunder Road Films with 3 Arts Entertainment, and developed with Riverstone Pictures.
Description: When a bomb rips through the Los Angeles subway train he’s riding on, Mike Russo is wrongly accused of committing the crime.

“Skinny Dip” 

Writers: Russel Friend and Garrett Lerner
Production: Keshet Studios
Executive Producers: Peter Traugott , Rachel Kaplan, Alon Shtruzman, Avi Nir, Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner
Description: Based on the satirical novel by Carl Hiaasen, the series follows a woman’s miraculous survival after a night in the open ocean after her husband suddenly flings her overboard on their anniversary cruise.

“Varsity Blues”

Writer: Tripper Clancy
Director: Anne Fletcher
Executive Producers: Mike Tollin and John Gatins
Produced by: Peter Guber and Mike Tollin’s MSM and Paramount Television
Description: A modern take on the 1999 movie Varsity Blues.

“The Now”

Writers: Peter Farrelly, Steve Leff and Pete Jones
Executive Producer: Steve Golin, Jeff Okin
Produced by: Anonymous Content
Description: A comedy about a young man with a troubled past who has to learn to live life for the now.

“50 States of Fear”

Executive Producers: Sam Raimi, Van Toffler, Gunpowder & Sky, Tony DiSanto, Tommy Coriale, Debbie Liebling
Produced by: DiGa Studios
Description: A horror anthology series that explores each state and their scariest tales.

“Spielberg’s After Dark”

Created by: Stephen Spielberg
Description: Details to be confirmed

“Frat Boy Genius”

Produced by: Brad Weston’s Makeready
Description: Details to be confirmed

“Wolves and Villagers”

Writer: Stuart Blumberg
Executive Producers: Stuart Blumberg and Jason Blum
Produced By: Blumhouse TV
Description: Details to be confirmed

Untitled Modern Zombie Story

Created by: Guillermo del Toro
Description: Details to be confirmed

Untitled Paul Feig Projects

Description: Details to be confirmed

Untitled “El Señor De Los Cielos” Prequel
Description: Telemundo is partnering with Quibi on a prequel to its acclaimed telenovela, chronicling the rise of notorious real-life drug lord Amado Carrillo Fuentes.


Described by CEO Meg Whitman as shows that are “a little bit shorter than 10 minutes.”

“Chrissy’s Court”

Starring: Chrissy Teigen, Chrissy’s mom, Vilailuck Teigen
Executive Producers: Chrissy Teigen, Luke Dillon
Produced By: Suit & Thai Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment
Description: In each episode, Chrissy Teigen will act as the “judge” over one small claims case with her mom acting as bailiff.

“Thanks a Million”

Executive Producer: Jennifer Lopez
Created and produced b:y B17 Entertainment
Description: Jennifer Lopez and nine others will each choose an influential person from their early lives and award them $100,000 each — with the understanding that that person will then pass on $50,000 to someone similar in their own lives.

“Elba vs. Block”

Starring: Idris Elba, Ken Block
Produced by: Workerbee (part of EndemolShine UK) and Elba’s Green Door Pictures
Description:  Idris Elba and professional rally driver Ken Block are going head to head in as they pit a variety of cars against each other through increasingly outrageous stunts to prove whose car, and which driver is the best.

“Benedict Men”

Executive Producers: Steph Curry, Jonathan Hock, Jerron Smith, and Erick Peyton for Unanimous Media; Mark Ciardi, Entertainment 360
Produced by: Whistle
Description: “Benedict Men” will take an inside look at one of the most unique high school basketball teams in America at St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, New Jersey. As one of the top athletic high schools with a storied basketball program and the highest graduation rate in New Jersey, the series will follow the brotherhood of young men who seek to balance life in complicated surroundings.


Executive Producer: Jason Goldberg
Produced by: STX Entertainment in association with MTV Studios
Description: A modern version of the iconic prank show hosted by Ashton Kutcher.

“Singled Out”

Produced by: MTV Studios
Description: “Singled Out,” MTV’s dating show from the 90’s,  is back to hook up a new generation of daters.

“You Ain’t Got These”

Executive Producers: Lena Waithe, Andrew Fried, Jordan Wynn, Dane Lillegard, Jonathan Hausfater and Andrew Coles
Produced by: Boardwalk Pictures
Description: Lena Waithe takes a look at sneaker culture and its impact on society.


Starring: Tyra Banks
Executive Producer: Tyra Banks
Produced by: Network Entertainment
Description: Tyra Banks’ multi-part docu-series explores beauty revolutions and evolutions across the globe.


Executive Producer: Sasha Velour
Produced by: The Documentary Group
Description: NThe series follows Sasha Velour over the course of eight episodes as she adapts her monthly revue, “Nightgowns,” into a full-on stage production–and the biggest drag showcase of her life.

“Shape of Pasta”

Starring: Chef Evan Funke
Produced by: Ugly Brother Studios
Description: The series follows Funke, a James Beard Award nominee, as he searches for pasta experts living in Italy. Funke will use his time on the screen to introduce viewers to the culture, history and lore behind rare shapes and textures of pasta in an effort to keep them alive.

“Fight Like a Girl”

Executive Producers: Stephanie McMahon, Susan Levison, Ben Zierten and Richard Lowell for WWE Studios; Tom Forman, Jenny Daly and Jon Beyer for Critical Content
Produced by: WWE Studios and Critical Content.
Description:  Stephanie McMahon pairs a WWE Superstar with a young woman struggling with a personal issue that has been holding her back in an effort to help her overcome life’s obstacles.

“Fierce Queens”

Executive Producer: Jo Shinner
Produced by: BBC Studios Natural History Unit
Description: The series explores phenomenal female animals from across the world, from hyenas to fireflies, meerkats to humpback whales. The series showcases some of the most dramatic natural history stories from a female perspective.

“Biggest Little Cook-Off”

Executive Producers: Judi Marmel, Johnny Milord and Aron Korney
Production: Produced by Levity Productions, a Levity Live Company
Description: The comedic competition series will feature two chefs battling it out to see who can make the most mouth-watering, single-bite foods that can fit on a dime-sized plate or, in some cases, on a grain of rice.

“Center Piece”

Starring: Maurice Harris
Executive Producers: Rashida Jones, Will McCormack, Peter Kline, John Kaplan & Maurice Harris
Created By: Maurice Harris and Peter Kline
Produced by: Alldayeveryday, Le Train Train and Bloom and Plume
Description: The series explores the nature of creativity through the process of flower design.


Daily Essentials are lower lead-time productions,  curating news, sports, e-gaming, celebrity news, horoscopes, the best of late-night.

NBC News – Daily News Show
Description: NBC News will create daily news programming targeted to millennials. With this agreement, NBC News becomes the first major producer for Quibi’s curated daily news and information programming. Each episode will be under six minutes and produced seven days a week.

BBC – Daily Global News Show
Description: BBC to host a global news show airing every day at 12 p.m.

Untitled Nightly Meditation Show
Description: Utilizes ASMR and visual stimulation.

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