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Here’s Everything We Know About ‘Black Mirror’ Season 5

Because you know this is all you care about after ”Bandersnatch“

Are you seriously stuck inside the “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” rabbit hole right now? Looking for some light reading to clear your mind before heading in for another “Choose Your Own Adventure” round with Stefan?

Welp, we can’t offer you anything “Black Mirror”-related that’s easy to digest (because really, does that even exist?), but what we can give you is all the info TheWrap currently has about the upcoming fifth season of Charlie Brooker’s tech-obsessed Netflix anthology series.

Hey, you’ll thank us later for getting your mind off whether or not you made the wrong choice when you picked Sugar Puffs over Frosties.

1. There definitely is a Season 5.

The series scored its fifth season renewal back in March, a few months after Season 4 dropped.

2. But it doesn’t have a premiere date.

While some initially assumed a deleted Netflix tweet from November revealed Season 5 would premiere today, Dec. 28, we now know that was actually a leaked launch date for the standalone movie “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,” not the entire upcoming season.

Netflix has since confirmed to TheWrap that “Bandersnatch” is definitely not part of Season 5, which will be coming sometime in 2019, though no official premiere date has been set.

Season 4 of “Black Mirror” debuted on Netflix the last week of December 2017, which puts the drop of “Bandersnatch” in line with that release.

3. It was expected to include an interactive episode, which we now know is the standalone “Bandersnatch.”

Back in October, Bloomberg reported that Netflix was planning to release some “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style series, with the first of these shows dropping before the end of the year, and one of them being an interactive episode from the upcoming season of “Black Mirror.” Obviously that turned out to be “Bandersnatch,” which, again, is not part of Season 5.

4. We know what Season 5 is not going to feature.

Brooker took to Twitter in November to shut down a story about “Black Mirror 5.” He shared a tweet that read: “The upcoming season of ‘BLACK MIRROR’ will expand on some existing stories from the show with ‘White Bear’ and ‘San Junipero’ both set to get sequel episodes. (Source: @Complex).”

He responded with a one-word quote tweet: “Nope.” (Both tweets have since been deleted.)

5. Miley Cyrus says she’s in it.

Well, she nodded her head “yes,” per Howard Stern.

Cyrus was away filming an episode of “Black Mirror” in South Africa when California wildfires hit her Malibu home this fall and she couldn’t say much about her role when she appeared on Sirius XM’s “The Howard Stern Show” earlier this month — or even verbally confirm she’s part of Season 5.

Here’s what she did divulge: “All I can say is I have a lot of dynamic and I got to play a lot of different – I play one character, but there’s a lot of different sides of that character and there’s a lot of dimension to it. There’s a lot of dimension to it, and actually it was while the devastation of Malibu was happening, and it was a really weird learning experience for me, because I was so far from home and the show is already really dark, and it’s already kind of eerie when you’re there the whole time. But I learned a lot about myself and I think I was able to kind of use that and put that into it.”

Okay, that’s all we know. Now you can go back to messing with “Bandersnatch” or read about all the references to previous “Black Mirror” episodes it includes, which we’ve rounded up for you here.