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Former ESPN Star Britt McHenry Kicks Off New TV Gig With Twitter Feud

”Bitterness isn’t a good look on a grown man,“ former ESPN reporter says

Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry has landed a new TV gig — and celebrated with a Twitter fight.

Though some of the tweets have been deleted, NBC sports anchor Michael Jenkins initially responded to news of McHenry’s new show by writing, “If you could write anything of substance, I would take you up on it.”

“I’m upset that your once promising career is now a sad, transparent charade that makes Tammy Lahren look like Edward R. Murrow,” Jenkins wrote in another tweet, referencing McHenry’s outspoken conservative takes since she left ESPN. “But I was more upset about the Caps losing, tbh.”

He later posted a screen grab of McHenry’s deleted tweet:

“Considering I wrote about twenty articles for ESPN’s website & a feature in Marie Claire.  I think I could handle it. You know, national outlets. or maybe you don’t know,” McHenry tweeted. Bitterness isn’t a good look on a grown man.”

“Grown men know when they see a low-rent Tammy [sic] Lahren starter kit instead of legitimate journalism. Great job in Marie Claire, tho,” he said. “Nice chat Britt. Goodnight.”

By Thursday Jenkins backed down and apologized to McHenry.

“Apologies to for my recent interaction with her here,” he said on Twitter. “I have always stood up for things in which I believe, namely DC sports, quality journalism and good bourbon, but I should have held myself to a higher professional standard and not made it personal. Thanks, guys.”

Since being laid off from ESPN last year, McHenry has made appearances on Fox News and contributed to the conservative-leaning The Federalist.

In her new gig, McHenry and another ESPN alum, Bram Weinstein, will host “Like it or Not” for a weekly Friday night news roundup show on Fox 5, according to The Washington Post.

McHenry doesn’t seem to mind the haters: “Yes, I’m opinionated & feisty. You’ll see more of that on for “Like It Or Not,” she wrote on Twitter.

The reporter made headlines back in 2015 when a video leaked of her berating a towing company employee. She was suspended by ESPN for one week.

“I’m in the news, sweetheart, I will f—ing sue this place,” McHenry said on the video released by LiveLeak. “Lose some weight baby girl,” she added to the employee. The confrontation apparently happened after McHenry’s car was towed by Advanced Towing in Arlington, Virginia, on April 6, 2015, and she later apologized.

See the tweets of McHenry and Jenkins’ spat below.