Ex-Fox News Star Eric Bolling Gets New Show on CRTV Despite Past Sexual Misconduct Accusations

“Eric is not only one of the most talented conservative media figures, but one of the most authentic individuals I have met,” chief of digital network says

Eric Bolling
Fox News

Eric Bolling will be returning to the airwaves, hosting a new show on Mark Levin’s conservative digital network CRTV, the company announced Thursday.

It’s the newsman’s first full time gig in broadcasting since he abruptly exited Fox News last fall in the wake of multiple accusations of sexual misconduct.

“Eric is not only one of the most talented conservative media figures, but one of the most authentic individuals I have met. CRTV is excited to have him as a host in our fast-growing network. CRTV is a fantastic fit for Eric’s style and high energy,” company president Gaston Mooney said in a statement, which completely skirted Bolling’s checkered history.

The program — now receiving top billing on the online network founded in 2016 by conservative commentator and radio personality Mark Levin — will simply be called “America.”

“Be bold, be brash, be America. Bolling is back with the show they wouldn’t put on cable TV,” reads a description of the program. “It’s time for America to toughen up, stop whining, and get to work. It’s America with Eric Bolling, only on CRTV.”

Of course, Bolling has had a show on cable TV — several in fact. During a decade at Fox News, he served as anchor of the short-lived program “The Specialists” and a member on the channel’s long-running panel show “The Five.” He also hosted the program ‘Cashin’ In’ on Fox Business.

His involvement with all three and the broader network was ended over a series of sexual misconduct accusations that were leveled against him last August.

HuffPost reported that Bolling had sent unsolicited photos of male genitalia to at least three colleagues at Fox News and Fox Business. Caroline Heldman, a former regular guest on the channel from 2008-2011, also came forward to say the host subjected her to sexual harassment.

Bolling was suspended and then announced his departure from the channel after a brief internal investigation into the matter.

On the same day of his departure, news also broke that his only son, Eric Chase, had died of a drug overdose. In the months since, Bolling has largely reinvented himself, taking on America’s opioid crisis as a personal cause.

In the weeks before his deal with CRTV, Bolling has granted a few interviews with sympathetic hosts on MSNBC and elsewhere, which allowed him to talk about the opioid epidemic — and plug the president’s commitment to the issue.

The Trump flattery on-air and on Twitter became so much in recent weeks that, before the CRTV deal, many suspected Bolling was angling for a gig in the Trump White House.