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Ex-NFL Star Dexter Manley Apologizes for Saying Black QBs ‘Used to Running From the Law’ (Video)

The former Redskins standout made the comments as pre-game NFL analyst on CBS station

Former NFL star Dexter Manley knew almost immediately that he had stepped far out of bounds with his comment Saturday on live television that, “most of the black quarterbacks, they like running, because they’re probably used to running from the law.”

Manley issued an on-air apology soon after he made the remarks.

“I say some things I don’t think about sometimes,” Manley said while making an appearance as a studio analyst on the CBS station WUSA, in Washington, D.C.

The outspoken ex-athlete probably realized his mouth had gotten him into trouble when his co-host cringed and social media lit up with complaints.

Manley, who was known as the “Secretary of Defense” when he was a starring defensive lineman with the Washington Redskins, has been in similar situations before.

Back in 2013, he was a guest on D.C. radio station WTOP, and used a gay slur in reference to Troy Aikman. He apologized after that incident via email and was subsequently barred from the show.

And last summer, Manley drew fire after referring to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as “garbage.”

Manley was a favorite of journalists during his playing days because he was willing to speak his mind, but occasionally got in hot water as a result, and was fined by the league several times.

There is some irony in his comments on black quarterbacks, since Manley played on the 1986 Redskins team that won the Super Bowl under the leadership of Doug Williams, the first African-American QB to guide a team to the NFL title.

Below is the video of Manley’s controversial comment.