Ex-WWE Superstar Enzo Amore Says He’s Retired From Pro Wrestling (Audio)

Eric Arndt is now pursuing a rap career under stage name Real1

Enzo Amore - WWE

Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore — real name Eric Arndt — says he’s retired from professional wrestling. He is now pursuing a rap career under the stage name Real1.

And just like in his wrestling promos, Arndt isn’t hurting for confidence in the new pursuit.

“I’m literally going to set the world on fire,” he told “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Tuesday on the Texas Rattlesnake’s podcast. “I’m going to be one of the biggest stars in music and I know it.”

“I’m a renaissance man. I’m trying to be Jared Leto and Childish Gambino,” Arndt said later of his new career. “I’m trying to make music videos, stand-up comedy, act, direct, produce, be Adam Sandler — put all of my boys in my movies and make it my vision.”

Arndt told Austin that his body is so beat up he shouldn’t even be wrestling anyway — not anytime soon, at least. It sounds like Amore’s WWE run was likely coming to an end anyway due to injury.

Listen to Arndt’s full appearance on “The Stone Cold Podcast” below. He talks about the rape accusation that got him swiftly and unceremoniously fired from WWE, what was supposed to happen at “Raw 25” and through the remainder of his storyline with Nia Jax, and a whole lot more.