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Exclusive: First Look at NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ Print Campaign

The network will use humor to hype the new Ron Howard-Brian Grazer drama

NBC is gearing up the promo machine for "Parenthood," the new Ron Howard – Brian Grazer show that also happens to be the network’s first new 10 p.m. drama in the post-Leno era.

If you’ve arrived early at a movie theater lately, you’ve probably seen the network’s extended featurette touting the show. And now, NBC’s marketing team is getting ready to unleash a new print campaign featuring some cheeky twists on the theme "Parenthood is…."

It sort of reminds MoJoe of those old "Love Is…" one-panel comics that were popular in the 1970s and 80s. Like this one here. 

"Parenthood" will get a big push during NBC’s coverage of the Olympics later this month, all in advance of its March 2 premiere. Check out our slideshow of images from the new "Parenthood" campaign.